Marathon Animal Welfare Society «Η Κοίτη» is consisted of a group of volunteers who offer their free time for the protection and well-being of animals.

The volunteers can help in any of the following ways:

  • By fostering animals which have been included in the Adoption Program and are waiting to find a permanent home or that have been found and rescued and the Society is searching for their owners. The Society vaccinates and de-worms all animals and as long as there is a surplus of food from donations, it covers their feeding. Fostering is temporary and we never know how long it will last. It happens that an animal finds a permanent home in one month and it happens that seven months later the fostered animal hasn’t been adopted yet.
  • By carrying stray animals to the Animal Hospital in order to get neutered through the Neutering Program and returning them back to their neighborhood a few days later.
  • By visiting the animals that are being treated at the Animal Hospital, so as they don’t feel lonely, and if the situation permits it, to take them for a walk and finally by informing the Society’s Managing Committee regarding their state and health.
  • By informing the owners who keep their animals permanently tied up, that it’s illegal. In case that they do not follow the law, the volunteers must report such cases to the Society’s Managing Committee in order to take the relevant measures. All volunteers can download and study the Law 4039/2012 and its amendment 4235/2014.
  • By participating to Adoption Days and being in charge of an animal during the event, or by supplying food and water to the animals or by distributing leaflets or just by being there and supporting the Society’s causes.
  • By participating to the Group ‘Incidents’ in Messenger/Facebook where several cases are shared and discussed, emergencies or not. If you have a Facebook profile, please send us a message in order to add you to the group.

Otherwise please check how you can support our efforts. We do not receive any form of financial support by the Greek State. Our sole funds are generated by the subscriptions, the donations, and the sponsorships by our members and friends of the Society and the profits by the bazaars that we organize.