Dogs for adoption


Please have a look at our dogs searching for a home and loving family. If you are interested in any of them, please call the number you will find in each ad or fill in the relevant application and we will call you back.

Application for Adoption

All our dogs and puppies are vaccinated and are given with health papers. The adult animals are also neutered. The society does not provide a place for fostering animals, nor is an animal shelter. Rescued animals are taken care of in houses and yards of volunteers until they get well and then they return to their initial neighborhoods unless they are adopted.

Adoptions are finalized with an “Adoption Deed” signed between a liable member of the society and the prospective guardian according to the Greek Law. The fees for each animal’s vaccination, deworming and michrochip tagging are €30 and are lifted only in the case where the animal has passed through the Municipality’s strays management program, otherwise is paid in full by the prospective guardian.

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