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What is the Animal Welfare Association of Marathon?

The Animal Welfare Association of Marathon «Κοίτη» is composed by volunteer citizens who like to offer their free time for the protection and well-being of the animals in the Municipality of Marathon and specifically in the areas of Marathon and Nea Makri as well as in the communities of Grammatiko and Varnava.

The association was founded in October 2014, by a group of animal lovers who live in these areas and thought that an organized group could make a greater contribution than each one on their own. Apart from the sharing of duties and the congregated power of the members which derives from its foundation, a legally recognized animal welfare association can participate in a committee which manages the stray animals that every Mayor is obliged by law to create.

Please note that Greek law recognizes the Municipality as the sole administrator and carer of all stray companion animals, and in these lines the association’s work is subsidiary to that of the Municipality’s. You may contact the relative competent authority via telephone at +30 22943 20957 every day 8am-2pm. 

Since we first started operating, our volunteers have given lectures in schools about empathy for animals, have completed more than 300 successful, and according to the law, adoptions through its Adoption Program as well as through the occasional organization of Adoption Days along the seaside of Nea Makri, and have asked for the prosecution of animal abusers and illegal dog breeders.

Furthermore they have nursed, fed, vaccinated and saved many animals, have dealt with complaints that have been filed, by examining the alleged complaints on the spot. Finally, they have brought to the public eye any blunders related to the Municipality’s program which manages the stray animals in the wider area of Marathon.

The association does not provide a place for fostering animals, nor is an animal shelter. Rescued animals are taken care of in houses and yards of volunteers until they get well and then they return to their initial neighborhoods unless they are adopted.

In order to fulfil its cause, apart from the annual subscriptions of the regular members, the association accepts donations (monetary or material like for example medications and dog food). It also occasionally organises bazaars in which several products are sold, kindly donated by people who want to help the main cause of the association which is to inspire a common spirit of respect for every living creature, and to protect its right to live.

What is an Association? What does it mean to be a volunteer and a member of an Association?

Generally speaking, the association is nothing more than a group of people who share a common cause and have the same purpose. You may also have heard the definition “organization”. Apart from the Animal Welfare Societies there are also those who deal with social actions etc

A Volunteer is automatically considered any person who helps and protects the animals by participating in his/her own way in the common cause. If, for example, someone finds an injured stray animal and drives it to the vet, he/she does whatever is possible without holding someone else responsible. A group of volunteers however, could also help carry an animal back to its natural habitat, help find the necessary financial funds in order to cover the medical expenses or find permanent adoption through the Adoption Program. To make a long story short, he/she may share the responsibility by acting in the animal’s best interest. Find out how You can help as volunteers

Anyone who deposits the relevant sum, as an annual enrolment (15€/per year) and wishes to support financially the Associoation’s cause can enroll as Member of the Association. The money is then allocated to vaccinations, food, neutering, medications and fees for surgeries. Moreover, a member can participate to the Managing Committee, if he/she wishes, which is the core of the Association and organizes every action. Any member of the Association can run for candidacy for the Managing Committee and become elected in the annual elections.

Non-profit Voluntary Animal Welfare Association «Η Κοίτη» | Marathon Animal Welfare Association| Reg. Number 30300

The Animal Welfare Association «Η Κοίτη» consists of volunteer citizens and is active in the wider Community of Marathon and specifically in the areas of Grammatiko and Varnava.

The Association’s Cause

  1. To inspire a common spirit of respect for every living creature, and to protect its right to live.
  2. To spread the love for animals and the need for the protection of animals that belong to owners, of stray or wild animals, to stigmatize every cruel actions against animals, to fight against hostility and unfair exploitation and negative behavior against animals, to educate the younger generations and to inform the citizens through programs which are related to animals and to raise common awareness and promote friendly behaviors towards animals by using any means (printed or electronic).
  3. To collect and manage stray company animals in cooperation with the relevant Supervisory Municipality, to nurse and promote for adoption stray animals which live within the geographical borders of the Municipality of Marathon and neighboring municipalities.
  4. To cooperate with the relevant Municipal and State Authorities and Services which are related to the protection of stray company animals, nursing and final reintegration in their natural habitat.
  5. To establish and operate a shelter for stray company animals in agreement with the law.
  6. To cover the medical expenses to the vets and to cooperate with them or with any other scientific staff that deals with animals, in order to scientifically inform the public regarding issues of caring and protection of stray or wild animals.
  7. To represent the Association in any type of animal welfare or environmental events, conferences and committees, and the constant presence and participation wherever is required.
  8. To inform and raise awareness among the citizens of the Municipality of Marathon and the neighboring municipalities concerning issues of animal welfare according to Act 1 Ν. 4039/2012.
  9. To raise the level and amount of communication and solidarity with other individuals or legal entities or groups of people or organisations, that deal with similar animal welfare activities or have similar tasks.
  10. To stand by all members of the Association and any animal lover.
  11. To promote the Association’s activities.
  12. To distribute any sum taken from the Association’s funds in order to deal with emergency situations.
  13. To present any special honorary awards and prizes to animal lovers and owners of exceptional company animals or to people who have contributed in an exceptional manner to the causes of the Association.
  14. To organize events, meetings, seminars, dances and excursions.
  15. To establish offices, cafeterias, and branches of the Association.

The Means for the Realization of the Association’s Causes

  1. On the spot intervention and contribution by its members wherever and whenever is necessary, uninvited or formally invited and in close cooperation with public authorities or private animal lovers.
  2. The cooperation with any natural or legal representative or authority, that have the same goals as the Association.
  3. To print documents and organize speeches, conversations, seminars, lessons, performances, projections and other events in public places or schools, for public awareness relevant to animal affairs and the publication to the Greek and foreign press. To organize exhibitions, lectures, announcements, entertaining events in relation to the activities of the Association.

Any other means, that the G.S. and the Managing Committee judges that is necessary for the accomplishment of the Association’s goals.